Does A Quality Wedding Ring Determines Your Marriage?

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Most at times, couples spend time in buying expensive wedding accessories rather pay attention on how they can make their marriage worthy. As curious as we are, we decided to find out if a quality wedding accessory like a gold ring can guarantee the duration of your marriage.  Get some views below…

Elvira Nyangono

Wedding accessories are temporal but a wedding ring has to last forever

If my man really loves me, then he has to give me a quality wedding ring. There is no need for me to get married with a fake wedding ring that will fade out two or three months after. I may not have the chance to marry again so i must have the best on my wedding day.

Dennis Otfa

Its not necessary

Wedding rings are not even necessary for my marriage. The most important thing is that, i should be able to love my partner sincerely, respect her and the vows i made to her on our wedding day.  Be it a gold, silver or bronze ring, its not necessary for me at all.

Casius Harembang

It depends on my finances

I will never go out of my reach to get a gold wedding ring for my partner just because i want to showoff. If we sit together and think we have extra cash for some luxuries like gold or diamond wedding rings, then find. If not, there is no need to get into dept just because we want to create an impression.



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