Joshua Osih Likens October 7 Polls To Apartheid

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“If Cameroon is one and indivisible and then a part of Cameroon did not vote, what happened on October 7th is apartheid,” the flag bearer of the Social Democratic Front party, SDF, Joshua Osih made this statement at the constitutional council on the night of Thursday October 18, stressing on the fact that elections were poorly organised in the English-speaking parts of the country.
In another statement, the SDF presidential candidate declared that if he is elected president of Cameroon today, he will not swear in. Joshua Osih said election took place in only eight of the ten regions of Cameroon and any proclamation of results will be separating the French-speaking part of the country from the English-speaking regions.
“If I am proclaimed winner, I will refuse to be sworn in to be President of just part of a country, because if the North West and South West regions are in Cameroon then part of the country did not vote.”
In response to Osih’s statement, Prof, Ngolle Ngolle, one of the CPDM bigwigs, blasted him for likening the elections to apartheid, justifying that voting took place in the North West and South West Regions contrary to what the SDF was saying. Prof. Ngolle Ngolle described Osih Joshua’s comments as regrettable for a person who wants to rule the country.

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