International Day of White Cane: Organisation Targets 200 White Canes For 200 Blind

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By Sandra Fomuso


The Club for Young Rehabilitated Blind Persons of Cameroon, popularly known by its French acronym, CJARC, has set a target for 200 white canes/ 200 blind persons across the nation, to commemorate the 37th edition of the International day of the white cane, celebrated each year on October 15,
The information was revealed by CJARC’S Co-founder, Coco Bertin Mowa, in Yaounde October 15, during a press conference to officially announce the celebrations in Cameroon on December 9. Coco Bertin affirmed that he is already in possession of 100 white canes, 50 from the Grace church in Philadelphia USA, and another 50 donated by the NUFI association of Belgium, to support CJARC in its action.
While stressing on the importance of the white cane as a means of empowering and socially integrating the visually impaired, Coco Bertin seized this platform to remind participants of a grand gala night to take place November 29, at the Yaounde red cross, with emphasis laid on its support for schooling and socio-professional integration of the blind, ASPA 30. The gala party according to Coco Bertin is aimed at mobilising resources for some projects to be achieved by the end of this year. Notably didactic materials for the completion of the “Ecole Primaire Bilingue Louis Braille.” More so, to mobilise resources that can enable the construction of a school gate, build one or two more classrooms, buy equipments for the proper functioning of the school and most especially buy additional white canes ahead of the celebration coming up on December. CJARC is calling on all goodwill Cameroonians to participate in this grand ceremony in order to help the club attain its objectives.
For his part, Ntami Alain, representative of the NUFI association of Belgium to Cameroon, expressed his desire on behalf of the association to assist the needy “we are here to donate 50 white canes and 100 T-shirts to CJARC as our own goodwill gesture to the needy. The message of this charitable gesture is to sensitise Cameroonians and other compatriots both in and out of the country to help our brothers and sisters in need.
Despite the fact that CJARC since its creation 30 years back, has achieved much in the social inclusion of persons leaving with disabilities, much still needs to be done, given that many children in villages are still facing difficulty in interacting, “we think that we really need to work hard in order for them to be trained in school and achieve even better than what we did.”
Still on the occasion to mark the white cane day, highlights were given to the population on the language of the white cane, meanwhile; another association dupped “foundation Vue du Coeur” donated three balls to the club, for their different sporting activities.

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  1. Realalia Realalia says:

    Its a good initiative. Let them also think of the blind in rural areas.

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