Chi Richard Launches New Economics Book

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By Sandra Fomuso

An economics teacher at the Mario Academic Complex, Chi Richard Fru, has assured students as well as the general public that he will raise the Advance level performance in the country by at least 20% with the launch of his new book titled “A Comprehensive Advanced Level Economics.”

The 360 page book was unveiled in Yaounde Saturday October 13, precisely at the Mario academic complex. The author upon launching this book affirmed that with his over 20 years of experience as an economics teacher and 19 years in marking the GCE, he has diagnosed the problem of students writing advance level economics, here him, “I know the problems of this children, while writing my book, I took out time to come out with a solution, first the problem of language and then the problem of linking subjects, I believe that this book will go a long way to increase the advance level performance by at least 20%.”

With his expertise in the domain of economics, the author affirmed noticing some few lapses with the several Economics books sold in the market today and the manner in which the subject is being taught. Chi Richard has decided to boost Economics in Cameroon by giving the subject a new dimension. “I believe that as an author, if you write something which is good, you will always have the market, my students know my books, they know my works and this book has come out, I think I will have the market,” Chi Richard told this reporter.

After going through hustle and tussle, the long awaited book is born, “coming out with a book like this is a long term process, I needed a lot of patience, apart from that I needed a lot of capital and given our poor society together with the family, it was not an easy task, that is why the book has taken a very long time.” the writer affirmed.

While jubilating over the launch of his new and most challenging book, the author who has been writing since 1990 equally expressed gratitude to everyone who supported him in making his dream book a reality.

The 16 chapter book as outlined by the author is structured under micro and macro economics. The book touches the whole syllabus in economics and written to suit the GCE Advanced level setting. Apart from the Comprehensive “A” level Economics, the author has a form 3 economics book for beginners accompanied by the work book. With over 4 books in the market, the writer equally dwells on societal issues with one of such books titled “Family Guide To Sex And Relationship.”


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