can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

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Most at times there is that tendency that people just want to share a special moment or time with that one special person who played an important role in their life like an ex. The team of realalia blog went on the streets today to find out if some people can keep their ex as friends or just maintain them as exs. Get some reactions below.

No way

Stephenie Kapooh, Banker, Yaounde 

There is no way I can keep my ex as a friend because once we are separated,  we have said goodbye to everything that concern us even the friendship. There is no need pretending to be friends when we could not be a couple.

Yes I can

Fred Esua, Student, Douglas

I can keep my ex as a friend and a very good one. There are things in life we can’t hide and I belive that, if we didnt have a good relationship as lovers, we can still be friends. So for me, I can keep my ex as a friend.

May God Forbid

Catherine Mathile Mbock, Journalist, Yaounde

There is no way my ex can be my friend. If we loved ourselves so much, then we should have ended together as husband and wife. If we separated,  it means things didn’t work out and if things didn’t move well for us a couple, then it will be the same story as friends. So it’s better we keep the exs far from us and consider on our present. In addition to this, some exs are really sent by the devil to destroy your present relationships. So for me, this question gets a no.

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