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  • Fru Ndi’s Sister Has Been Set Free

    The junior sister of the Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, Christy Akum has been released. She was kidnapped last Wednesday October 17, 2018 by Ambazonian forces and has been set free with a firm message for her brother, Ni John Fru Ndi.

  • Joshua Osih Likens October 7 Polls To Apartheid

      “If Cameroon is one and indivisible and then a part of Cameroon did not vote, what happened on October 7th is apartheid,” the flag bearer of the Social Democratic Front party, SDF, Joshua Osih made this statement at the constitutional council on the night of Thursday October 18, stressing on the fact that elections...

  • Guidant Cousellors Strive To Eliminate Drug Consumption In Schools.

    Cameroon celebrates the 16th edition of the national day of the guidant counsellor under the theme “contribution of educational partners in the fight against drug trafficking and use in schools for a healthy environment”. Activities marking the day were celebrated at Government High School Djambotou, North region, were guidant counsellors called on students to avoid...

  • International Day of White Cane:  Organisation Targets 200 White Canes For 200 Blind

    By Sandra Fomuso   The Club for Young Rehabilitated Blind Persons of Cameroon, popularly known by its French acronym, CJARC, has set a target for 200 white canes/ 200 blind persons across the nation, to commemorate the 37th edition of the International day of the white cane, celebrated each year on October 15, The information...

  • Chi Richard Launches New Economics Book

    By Sandra Fomuso An economics teacher at the Mario Academic Complex, Chi Richard Fru, has assured students as well as the general public that he will raise the Advance level performance in the country by at least 20% with the launch of his new book titled “A Comprehensive Advanced Level Economics.” The 360 page book...

  • We Are Back…

    Dear faithful readers of Realalia Blog…. We are very sorry for not keeping you on all this while due to some challenges beyond our control. As from today, we are more determine  to serve you with the latest news in and out of the country. Our number of reporters have increased and we now have...

  • Akere Muna, Now Presidential Candidate

    Akere Muna, one of the candidates at the upcoming presidential election has disclosed 50 engagement to make Cameroon great again.

  • Remains Of Koffi Annan On Its Way To Ghana

    Koffi Annan’s body on its way to Ghana.

  • Cameroonian Photossho Dares Biya

    Few days to the October 7 presidential election,  Cameroonian photoshop artist dares president Paul Biya in a Worrisome picture. The picture that circulates on social media, it’s a clear opinion of those who want the president not to win the upcoming presidential election. Get the picture

  • Accra To Host Giant Maluwa Pan-African Conference In Few Days.

    The Maluwa Pan-African conference scheduled to take place by September 19-21, 2018, will be one of the biggest event Ghana will host this 2018. Don’t miss it…Register at

  • Cameroon Government In Search of 100 Presidential Guards Artists

  • Exercise Books Mislead Kids In Cameroon

        The 2018_2019 school year has kicked off in Cameroon and parents are interested in acquiring educative and informative materials for their kids such as exercise books with good and informative graphics. Unfortunately, some book printers got it all wrong and served our kids with this wrongly translated version of the ” Ministry of...

  • France Wins 2018 Fifa World Cup

    France is the winner of the 2018 Fifa World cup in Russia. They bet their opponent Croatia at the finals to obtain their 2nd star. It should be noted that France lastly won the cup 20 years ago in 1998.

  • Nigerian Man Gets Unjust Reward After Returning Missing 500K Naira

    Ifeanyi is the ‘good shepherd’ who thinks he should have gotten the ‘good reward’. After discovering a strange bundle of 500. 000 Naira in his shop, he decided t keep it for the rightful owner to come and claim it. Fortunately for him, the owner came the next day and asked if he the shop...

  • Madness or Fashion??

    Only when we thought had seen all the red carpet madness with Jenifer Lopez and Lady Gaga, Di mondo, one of the famous “Newyorkers” appeared on  the CFDA Fashion Awards at Brooklyn Museum in New York in this ‘unholy’ dress and Jerusalem sandals.

  • “Preserve Our Environment”-MTN Cameroon

    On this edition of the world environment day, MTN Cameroon has a  special message:  Plastic wastes are a serious threat against the environment… Let’s reduce our use of plastics to preserve our living conditions and bequeath a sustainable environment to future generations. #EnvironmentDay2018 #WorldEnvironmentDay

  • Cameroon: Secondary Education Boss Impose Electronic Payment Method For School Fees

      In a bid to reduce embezzlement and fraud in secondary schools in the country, the minister of secondary education, Nalova Lyonga  has signed partnership agreements with economic operators who will as from  next September receive various fees from pupils and students. While signing the convention, the secondary education boss say, the aim of the...

  • North Korea/ USA…..What’s Donald Trump Up To?

    The extraordinary president of the United States of America, President Trump should be up to something good, bad or ugly. The summit with Kim Jong-un in Singapore on 12 June is back on a week after it was set aside. Knowing who Donald Trump is, there is no doubt that the summit has an interest to...

  • Does A Quality Wedding Ring Determines Your Marriage?

    Most at times, couples spend time in buying expensive wedding accessories rather pay attention on how they can make their marriage worthy. As curious as we are, we decided to find out if a quality wedding accessory like a gold ring can guarantee the duration of your marriage.  Get some views below… Elvira Nyangono Wedding...

  • can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

    Most at times there is that tendency that people just want to share a special moment or time with that one special person who played an important role in their life like an ex. The team of realalia blog went on the streets today to find out if some people can keep their ex as...